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What is Slide-A-Jar?


A Unique Patented Storage Rack For Canning Jars

Slide-A-Jar is a patented system meant to make storing and organizing your canning jars easier, efficient, and safely on to your wall. No need to hassle about were your jars need to be stored, hassling with pegboards or wood shelves. Here you can purchase the new Slide-A-Jar rack. This product is unique and easy to set up. Only 4 screws a wall and that's all! Slide-A-Jar can store up to 12 mason jars in just one rack! Its multipurpose use allows it to also store alcoholic beverage bottles when mason jars are not being stored.

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In 2018...

I started getting into canning salsa and peaches. A friend of mine , Manuel, had a big garden and had been doing it for many years and so I helped him once to can salsa and I was hooked. Since, every year we can salsa and peaches (from a single peach tree at our house) and some tomato juice. There were times when I had so many jars I didn't know where to put them, besides taking them to give to my sister when we went to California in the summer , the only place I could store them was in the laundry room, but in the laundry room the only room I had was on the walls. I thought what if there was some sort of rack that attaches to the wall studs and I can store them there. more...

- JC